We are a Multi activities company that offers a comprehensive range of capabilities, and provides quality service to meet the growing demands in this industry. The company has diversified business interests in IT Solution, Business Engineering, marketing & Advertising, Retail and Cleaning services.

“OOTB” provides and actively pursues innovative technologies and new business opportunities that enable businesses to make an effective transition to true e-business environments. Faced with increased globalization, mergers and acquisitions, and the need to stay “one step ahead” of the competition, the value of standards-based service-oriented solutions has never been greater.

We enjoy an established track record of excellent support & service standards with our clients. Their numerous expressions of satisfaction and encouragement are invaluable to us, and we intend to continue our advances and growth with more unique and effective products & services.

Our goal is to deliver creative solutions offering lasting strategic value to your enterprise.

Our team in conjunction with the right partners works to ensure that the solution is deployed with the right products, future-proofed with the right architecture, and implemented with our best practices.

We manage the projects through the full life cycle, ensuring that they meet required service levels and provide headroom for future growth once they enter production.

Your Success = Our Success!

When you hire an agency, you are acquiring a partner and choosing the right partner is the formula to success.

Our Merits

Unique and creative solutions that meet the clients’ expectations not only by realizing the clients’ business objectives, but particularly by our strict adherence to the ethical principles of public relations
Continuous search for opportunities beyond the agreed communications and business objectives
Creative approaches to the clients’ special needs in order to find unique and tailored communications solutions
Teamwork based on the implementation of progressive communications disciplines Professional quality of services provided by a highly motivated team
Courage and readiness to communicate on behalf of client in crisis Strong technological background
24/7 availability

Our Mission

is to grow side by side with our partners by finding solutions that are as a simple human emotion up to helping revolutionize the creativity market in Sudan.
We use creativity to solve business challenges and reimagine our client’s future.
We exist to help companies navigate the market, and drive long-term growth.

Our Vision

Is to Assist in Uplifting The Perception of Marketing & Advertising to It’s Full Potential!
We are passionate about what we do and never lose sight of what matters most which is our relationship with the client therefore we do the right thing! We recommend tactics that make sense even if it means less money in our pocket.
We find the most cost effective means to achieve your goals.

Marc Roger Bassil - CEO

Marc Roger Bassil - CEO

Dear Partner, Dear Customer
Your trust obliges us, and your expectations are our concerns.
With you, and thanks to your standing by our side, we continue our commitments to:

  • Adhere to schedule and deadlines for all our clients’ projects.
  • Business development and mutual gain.
  • Creating new ideas and methods to reach the final goals at the lowest costs.
  • Enhancing our partnership through active support and continuous improvement of the range of products and services provided.
  • Raising the efficiency of our employees through continuous training and attracting the best in order to reach your complete satisfaction with our services.

To ensure the success of this ambitious scheme, your feedback, which we receive periodically, directs us to better respond to your suggestions.

With great humility, we express our gratitude for your recommendations.

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